Always supried-Luxury Agelocer Automatic Mechanical Watch

Always supried-Luxury Agelocer Automatic Mechanical Watch

There are so many watches. Why do some watches look different from others? If you often play with watches, then you may already have the answer in your heart.

Agelocer is a brand that pays attention to finishing. If you say it's not good, then you can just pass away a lot of watches. A very popular watch in the past 1 years is called the moon phase watch. Whether you have watched the video on the Youtube or reviews made by others, I am here to objectively evaluate this watch again. And the new style 6406 is upgraded on the basis of the old style 6404 which was awarded in DRIVEN x DESIGN in 2020. Then we will look at another mechanical watch that is rare on the market-the Agelocer's universal time watch 5201.

First, let's take a look at the strengths of this moon phase watch .

1. Immersive panoramic moon dial window.

Maybe you would say that there must be a lot of moon dials with the big window which is not surprising. Is it really like this? In fact, not so many. There are many calendar watches with the moon, but many of them only have a small window, or half of the dail. There are very few windows which enlarges the view of the moon phase to the entire dial plate and can be rotated at the same time. No other reason, just because human's fixed thinking habit don't wants to move and change. Of course, it's nothing wrong to follow the tradition, but immutability is not what Agelocer pursues, nor is it what our new generation wants. For the better, new generation does not want to be imprisoned in thought, so there is this moon phase watch you see.

In order to keep the rotating moon display stay within reasonable tolerances, and at the same time enlarge the moon phase dial as large as possible, the team repeatedly test to find the best size of crescent window.

In order to be as close to the ideal state as possible. Except for control the size of crescent window in a suitable location, redesigned the movement structure prevent the moon phase plate from sliding on its own when worn, adopt the recently popular material aventurine stone as a dial. Finally, the romantic moon must be indispensable. Why not draw a moon? that will be so easy. In order to more truly reproduce the true face of the moon, the moon is adopted 3D printing technology to simulate and restore the surface, so what you see is not a flat drawing moon, but a 1:1 restored moon. You even can see the moon sea and craters on the moon.

So this is what this brand intends to bring you- a different feeling what many brands cannot bring you something like innovative creation in a space of 0.2mm-0.4mm thickness.

2. high-quality movement

So many mechanical watches have similar dials and similar movements. Why do some of them have to be sold so expensive? You have already thought of the reason, right? Finishing which is to make the watch look more refined and beautiful. Agelocer is good at polishing and willing to invest in that. Although some people say that finishing is useless, at least one thing everyone should agree with is that the parts will be smoother after polishing, which can effectively reduce errors and extend service life. To do finishing on such a small movement, it is not possible without sufficient experience and corresponding equipment. People always say that beauty comes at a price, and this is true at all. After this watch has undergone severe training and hammering, it is unlikely to be cheap.

And so many movements can be chose, why is Cal.A4610 ? because this movement has been verified for a long time, and Agelocer believes that it is durable and punctually. Automatic winding, 27 jewels, diameter 31.9mm, thickness 5.6 mm, power reserve 80 hours, 28,800 vibration/hour. In addition to these basic parameters, the rhodium-plated movement processed by advanced watchmaking process has a chamfered and wiredrawing surface with polished edges, decorated with round Geneva patterns and sun patterns, bronzing lettering, blue steel screws and mirror polished screw heads. Such a watch with good performance and polishing, even if you forget to wind it on weekends, the watch is still in normal operation on Monday, which greatly improves the practicality of the watch.

3. Innovation straps

Many straps are pin buckles or steel straps. Well, when you wearing your own watch, you may have such experience like this, you have set the strap to be close to the width of your wrist, but it is always either feel that the watch can slip on your wrist, or just tighten yourself.

Agelocer's designers have noticed that, so they designed such a strap buckle that can be adjusted according to the length to the owner's wrist , which can make you feel comfortable when wearing the watch. Such an intimate design should not be ignored.

Will this strap be difficult to use? If you are not familiar with similar clasps, you may find it difficult to use, but when you understand it, you won't be bothered by it anymore. You have to know that once the length of this watch is set, you no longer have to adjust it. You only need to open the metal clip when you want to take it off , and you don't need to pull the belt back and forth, which can reduce the strap from becoming crumpled. You also can watch the video we provided or contact us, we are willing to help. After all, the strap was not designed to torture our customers.

So in general, such a watch with excellent appearance and interior should not be misunderstood. Also, you deserve this beauty. Thank you for insisting on reading until now. Click and find the agelocer moon phase watch astronomer watch.

To be honest, I can't help but feel regret that this moon dial cannot match the 29 days. I hope it become the real moon phase watch which surprises me again just like Agelocer's design concept-Always surprised. So let us take a look at another universal time watch-5201 which will suprised you.

The universal time watch can display the time difference between 24 time zones and the current time zone through the time difference circle and time zone city circle. The dial adopts a blue planet as the carries, and a 3D land relief is embedded in the shallow to deep blue ocean.

The same movement Cal.A4610 , double-spring, the flywheel can store energy no matter which direction it turns. When using it, you need to rotate the digital inner bezel, make the number 0 corresponds to the local country. The corresponding time of other countries is known by adding and subtracting the numbers on the dial.

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